Flash Trigger+ Receiver For Canon 450D/550D

Электронные продукты Wireless Flash Trigger+ Receiver For Canon 450D/550D

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Trigger Описание

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Описание продуктов :

    This item is used for Canon, its transmitter is also the receiver. When you press each of them, another will become the receiver. You can use 2 flash with this transmitter and receiver. It is perfect for creative photography.
    * Wireless Remote Flash Trigger/Synchronized shutter release remote control transceiver.
    * The transmitter is also the receiver. When you press each of them, another will become the receiver.
    * Transceiver system: units automatically detect when to switch to either transmitter or receiver mode.
    * Hotshoe pass-through, allowing camera flash and wireless trigger to be used simultaneously.
    * PC port for hotshoe synchronisation.
    * Standardized 2.5mm (sub-miniphone) port for shutter release cables.
    * Powered by 2 * AAA batteries, with on/off switches.
    * Transmitter Distance up to 100m.
    * With a shutter connecting cable, it can be stretched.

    Suitable for:
    Canon 60D/350D/450D/500D/550D/1000D

    Functions including:

    * As a Wireless Shutter Release.

    Has the function of remote shutter release/wireless remote shutter, insupport of single frame, continuous photograph, delay and bulb shooting modes.

    * As a Wireless several Flash light Trigger sync.

    Contral several flashes or studio flash lights or more mixed lights at the same time.

    * As a Wireless studio Flash Trigger sync.

    Install the transceiver on the hot shoe of the camera, press the release button of the camera, the studio flash lights and the camera will flash synchronously.

    Creating flashing: handhold the flash for remote shooting with flash Trigger sync.

    Remote shooting with flash Trigger sync.


    * Color: Black

    * Type: FSK 2.4GHz wireless remote control system

    * Transmitter distance: 100m

    * Channel: 16

    * Shutter release: Half-way press, Full-way Press

    * Shutter interface: 2.5mm socket

    * Studio flash light interface: Standar PC socket

    * Battery: 2 * AAA batteries (not included)

    * Stand-by time: Up to 45 hours

    * Transmitter dimensions : 37 * 30 * 81.5mm

    * Receiver dimensions: 37 * 30 * 81.5mm

    * Transmitter weight: 40g

    * Receiver weight: 40g

    * Package size: 155 * 85 * 41mm

    * Package weight: 136g