IR Car Vehicle Dash Cam Camera Rotable 270 Monitor

Электронные продукты IR Car Vehicle Dash Cam Camera Rotable 270 Monitor

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Monitor Описание

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Описание продуктов :

    Technical Specifications

    1)IR day and night vision for recording

    2) Recording resolution:




    4) Repeat storage by section: 2/5/15 minutes or off

    5) Power source: Built-in rechargeable battery or 12V/24V Car Charger

    6) Supports SD/MMC card ( From 1GB up to 32GB)

    7) Microphone: can record sound

    8) Interface: USB2.0

    Setting the functions:

    Turn on the DVR and press to enter into setting interface.Menu Button. Confirm by and select by for the following setting. Press again to exit after finished.

    1.Movie Size: Select[1280x960, 720x480, 640x480]

    2 Audio Recording. :Select On or Off

    3 Volume:From 0 to7

    4 Motion Detect: Select On or Off

    6 Recording time:select [2/5/15]minute to decide how many time will be storage per one section

    7 Date Stamp: Select [Date &TimeStamp]or [No Stamp]

    8 Date/Time: Setcorrect recording Dateand time.

    9 Language: Select [English/Chinese/Russian]

    10 LightFrequency: set [50/60Hz].

    11 Restore Default:. Select[ Yes]or [No].

    12 Version:. Show thesoftware versionNumber.

    120 degree Wide Angle
    6 IR LED lights ,Better Night version
    (6 IR lights ,better night vision ,wide 120 degree)
    (USB 2.0 ,Can transferr the video to your PC )
    SD card is not included ,it can support Max 32GB memory card

    Note: 1) Please insert the SD/ MMC card before recording.

    2) Please adjust the time display before recording. If not set a time, the DVR cannotrecord.

    3) This DVR records in cycle if you choose 2/5/15 minutes as storage time.When the storage medium is full, it will record from the beginning again and erase over the previously recorded material automatically.It will have 3 seconds paus time,and namely the contents in the 3 seconds will not recorded.

    4) Because the DVR is DC5V input,please use the attached car charger. It have adaptor 12V/24V transfers to 5V already.

    5) Whenyou cannot stop recording by pressing REC button, please check if you have selected the is.Montion Detect ON. If yes,please select.OFF

    What is included:


    Manual Li-ion battery



    Car Charger (Includethe adpator 12V/24Vtransfers to 5V)