Digital Audio Recorder 4GB Memory Capacity FM MP3

Электронные продукты Digital Audio Recorder 4GB Memory Capacity FM MP3

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    HNSAT® Brand,High Quality,1 Year Warranty
    If you love gadgets that know how to multitask then you're going to love this amazing digital audio recorder. Not only is it a handy device for capturing your thoughts and taking minutes at a meeting, it's also an excellent telephone recorder, and MP3 player!

    Stylish and compact, the recorder offers one touch recording when you want it, and different quality recording modes when you need it. Record on the fly, set up voice activated recording. Why would you need that? Maybe you suspect your girlfriend of having steamy conversations while you're at work. Perhaps you're convinced little Bobby is calling his girlfriend instead of his pals for homework help. Maybe you just want to hear what Carl and Lenny are saying about when you're away from your cubicle. Whatever the reason why buy a standalone digital voice recorder when this baby does so much more...

    Selling for so much less than comparable voice recorders, this USB digital voice and telephone recorder is a mean entertainment unit too! It plays MP3s! With 2 GB internal memory, you can load in roughly 400 songs for hours and hours of listening pleasure. Best of all, no external batteries and cables are needed. It has a built in USB interfaced rechargeable battery for ease and convenience.


    Main Function: Digital Audio Recorder
    Additional Functions: Telephone Conversation Recorder, Music Player, USB Flash Drive
    -Type: Built-in Flash
    -Capacity: 4GB
    -Formatting: FAT
    -Type: Built-in Rechargeable
    -Source: On board USB Connector or AC Adapter
    -Modes (LP, SP, HP)
    -Formats (ACT, WAV, MP3)
    Recording Bit Rates
    LP - 8 Kbps
    SP - 32 Kbps
    HP - 128 Kbps
    Recording times (4GB)
    LP - 560 Hrs
    SP - 140 Hrs
    HP - 34 Hrs
    Playback Formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, ACT
    USB Device: 2.0
    Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
    SNR: 80 dB (MP3)
    Maximum Output: 10mW
    Audio Jack Size: 3.5mm
    Operating Systems: Windows 98/Me/2K/XP/Vista (32 bit version only) /Windows7 (drivers are included for installation on Windows 98 systems)
    Dimensions: 95mm x 28mm x 8mm (L x W x D)

    Package Contents

    Model Digital Audio Recorder (4GB)
    User Manual - English
    Telephone Recorder Adapter
    Software Mini CD
    3.5mm Male to Male Audio Cable
    Male to Male Cable
    AC Adapter (100-240V 50/60Hz)