Newest GSM SMS Remote Control Wireless Camera MMS Alarm

Электронные продукты Newest GSM SMS Remote Control Wireless Camera MMS Alarm

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Описание продуктов :
    Newest Strength Edition
    Prefessional camera with more LEDs
    taking photo at night in wide angle
    Further infrared body sensor
    Much More Ingenious

    V900 GSM camera support GSM network, transmit data through SMS and GPRS, DIY installation. Support motion detection, it can detect and alarm any movement within monitoring area. It can connect up to 15 pcs sensors, you can monitoring several area at the same time, excellent performance and reliance. The backed up lithium battery ensuring constantly operation when external power failure.
    Motion detection technology will detect any movement within the monitoring area and make alarm.
    Wireless wire tapping

    Work with GSM SIM card, global suitable, DIY installation
    Remote control by cell phone or management system.
    Receive the SMS & images alarm by cell phone, E-mail or management system
    IR LEDs, professional cameras, 24 hours monitoring, or timing monitoring.

    Mobile Alarm: Capture images and Send to your mobile phone by MMS.
    SMS Remote Control: Control the camera by sending SMS commands.
    Real Time audio: Call the camera and listen in.
    Motion Detection: Detect any motion within the monitoring area and send alarm.
    External Connection: Connect wireless sensors (Max. 15), such as door magnet, pir sensor, smoke sensor, gas sensor etc. The camera can report alarm from all sensors connected.
    Infrared Light: The build-in IR light enables the camera to capture images in dark environment.
    Resolution: 300.00 pixel CMOS camera.
    Watch images directly on your mobile phone: The camera sends MMS images to your mobile phone for you to watch anywhere, anytime.
    Receive images by email: The camera can send MMS images to any preset email.
    Multi Alarm: Camera can send alarm both by SMS,MMS, email and by standard phone-call once motion is detected.
    Monitoring Methods: Choose between manually or scheduled monitoring.
    Remote Control: Include 2 remote controls for manual operation on/off and panic button.
    Backup lithium battery: Rechargeable battery ensuring operation in case of external power failure
    Download user manual: Manual can be downloaded anytime using SMS command.


    1. Use at home
    - Install near doors, windows and other areas you want to protect.
    - Protect your family and belongings.
    - Detect fire and gas accidents and send alarm.
    - Monitor your house when you are away

    2. Monitor private outdoor areas, garage, car, terrasse etc.

    3. Monitor various locations
    - Monitor your office, factory, shop, holiday house, other important locations
    - Monitor BTS for GSM operator

    4. Works with standard wireless sensors
    Simple connection of max. 15 wireless sensors, 315 Mhz or 433 Mhz provides all-round protection similar to standard alarm-systems using accessories such as wireless door sensors, pir sensors, smoke sensors and gas sensors. This is a unique functionality offered by the V900.