Pro False Eyelashes Eye 

Lash Extension Set Kit Case New

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Описание продуктов :
    Pro False Eyelashes Eye Lash Extension Set Kit Case New
    Includes false eyelashes of different length and color.
    They're false lashes, but look like real ones.
    Comes with a bottle of powerful glue, helps to create long-lasting(up to 3 months) eyelashes,
    and doesn't hurt your eyes and eyelashes.
    Weightless, permanently curled and waterproof.
    Better than wear false eyelashes every day.
    All tools for eyelash extension are included in an exquisite silver tool case.
    Ideal for salon or home use.
    How to use:
    1. Separate the eyelashes up and down with plastic wraps. Close the eye to use it.
    2. Comb the eyelash smoothly with eyelash comb.
    3. Choose the eyelashes that are suitable for the customer after observing the customer's eyelashes.
    4. When gluing, it only needs gluing to third of the eyelashes, and then gently draw it out.
    There should not have air bubble on the glue water at the false eyelashes.
    5. False eyelashes can not be glued at the root of the real eyelashes and skin.
    It should depart from the root of the real eyelash 0.5-1mm, and glue the real eyelashes two-part.
    6. One false eyelash should be glued on the one real eyelash, which can not be glued on several
    real eyelashes. The space of each eyelash being glued should be little apart. Otherwise, they should be
    glued together. It should take about 40 minutes to dry it, and then glue other eyelash successively after they are dry completely.
    7. After finishing gluing eyelashes of one eye, you should dry it with the blow ball. It takes about 5-10 minutes to
    make your customers open their eyes.
    8. Do not massage eyes after finishing gluing eyelashes.
    Case color: Silver
    Package size: 25.3 * 18 * 6.3cm
    Package weight: 700g
    Item Include:
    1 * Purple false eyelashes
    1 * Brown false eyelashes
    1 * Blue false eyelashes
    1 * Black 8mm false eyelashes
    1 * Black 10mm false eyelashes
    1 * Black 12mm false eyelashes
    1 * Black glue
    1 * Eyelash cleaner (for glue stripping)
    1 * Air pump for drying)
    1 * Scissors
    1 * Brush & comb
    2 * Tweezers
    1 * Eyelash curler with a little comb
    1 * Glass
    1 * Mirror
    1 * Pack of cotton swabs (approximately 50pcs)
    1 * Pack of cotton pads (approximately 7pcs)
    1 * VCD
    1 * User manual
    1 * Silver case