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Dongle Wireless For Dreambox Xbox PS3

Электронные продукты Wifi Bridge Dongle Wireless For Dreambox Xbox PS3

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Bridge Dongle Описание

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Описание продуктов :
    This item can operate with any ethernet-enabled devices, such as desktop computer, network printer,
    laptop computer, Router, ADSL, or a security camera. It is operating system independent and Can be
    used with Windows XP? Windows 7? Windows 2003? Windows Vista operating system. By applying this powerful
    and high speed networking solution, you just need to plug this adapter into AC power socket and then
    connect it to PC's Ethernet port. Through the wider bandwidth support, efficient data flow streaming
    becomes the reality for people and it led human in the real digital life style.
    * Support WiFi model.
    * Operating system independent
    . * Can be used with Windows XP? Windows 7? Windows 2003?Windows Vista operating system.
    * 10/100 fast Ethernet interface connection.
    * Physical rate up to 85Mbps or 200Mbps according to different item number.
    * Safe external, standard RJ45 ethernet connect, can be used for any IP access, need no driver.
    * The new addition of a USB wire is to connect a computer (desktop, laptop) for power, need no extra power adapter.
    * IEEE 802.11B/G compliant.
    * Support any VoIP ATAs and VoIP Phones.
    * Support WEP (64 bit), WEP (128 bit), WPA, WPA2 Security access.
    * Support SSID broadcast.
    * Three parallel DC power supply, take electrical interface, convenient for customer to share power adapter with IP devices.
    * The barrier-free wifi transmission distance is 100 meters.
    * High stability, and excellent transmission performance of wireless networks to make sure the IP
    monitoring solutions to the perfect implementation.
    * Small and light weight, easy to hang on the the wall such as the location that the wire should not be.
    * It can be used for any wireless network product, such as wireless router, and IP camera.
    *Ideal for:
    1) Small business networking;
    2) Internet home networking, game consoles, home appliance connection;
    3) Extends the range of your wireless devices;
    4) To eliminate long cable runs through your home;
    5) IPTV/IP camera/net game box/net receiver/video streaming application.
    * Color: Blue
    * Housing: Plastics
    * Input Voltage: DC5V-15V
    * Consumed Power: Less than 1.5W
    * Frequency: 2.4Ghz
    * Support Wifi model: AP Client
    * Three parallel DC power interface: DC2.5 power hole, DC2.0 power plug, USB interface (for taking electrical)
    Transmission Distance Indoor: 30m
    * Size: 1.5* 4.5* 9cm